We had our first experience of the Outback in July – only a week, far too short, but a great taste of what's to come in future. I relate the story of our trip in short, with virtual tours, poetry, slideshows and fortunately for you, no singing. Click on the tour image to pop-up. Select Size icon to show full screen.

RundleMall_01.jpgRundleMall_02.jpgCentral Market Pano1.jpg
I drove directly to Adelaide instead of doing a two day coastal Victoria trip, and when Denny called me to ask where I was, she was surprised to hear that I was 15minutes from the hotel in Adelaide.

First thing we did was take a walk around Rundle Mall,

where pigs run wild at night.


Adelaide, capital of South Australia, is a friendly and beautiful city of just over 1million people.
The next morning, after Denny went off to her conference, I took my camera and explored the city.
First stop was Adelaide Arcade, where I had coffee and a Danish.
When Adelaide Arcade was built in 1885 it comprised of 50 shops. Nowadays it boasts a diverse range of over 100 specialty retail outlets on the ground floor and balcony level.
The whole building was illuminated by electric light and was one of the first buildings in Adelaide to use electric lighting.
This is a virtual tour of the arcade from the centre of the building, balcony level.

And this is a tour from the end of the building.

I was struck by the modern architecture of the University of South Australia and had to capture that too:

That afternoon I visited the Aviation Museum and was kindly given a tour of the workshops, where they are lovingly restoring some old wrecks. This virtual tour is of the cockpit of a B2 Bomber. The canopy was purchased intact from the UK, a spare part from the war!

I visited the old stock exchange building and the Central Market, by which time Denny's conference was over and we went to a fabulous performance at the Entertainment Centre – Flight of the Chonchords – great Kiwi musicians and comedians.

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