PANOGRAPHER  pæn.əɡ.rə.fər A weird clan of photographers who believe that the world is round and not flat, vivid and not black and white, large and not small. Outcast from the world of photography, they live on the fringes and come out mainly at night.

This is a new build. Some bugs will be corrected. Please feel free to give me your suggestions/ comments. If viewing on mobile devices, touch the doorway for a surprise. If you click again on the speaker the video will pause. Try to spot my assistant's cat!

This is a 360° x 180° panorama. Please have a good look around my gallery by using your mouse or keyboard arrows or the controls in the panorama. Start the autorotation if you like. Hovering over the images will bring up more information, click to view larger images.
Use the control bar to enter full-screen, and hide the controls to view in full size.
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