Blinman and surrounds

After our flight over Lake Eyre we headed south again. At Parachilna we turned east towards the Flinders Ranges and passed through the beautiful Parachilna Gorge just before sunset, heading to Blinman, where we stayed for two nights in Rose Cottage, a delightfully restored 1870's miner's cottage. Blinman is a virtual ghost town with only 22 permanent residents, 4 of whom are leaving. Being the highest town in South Australia the winter night get down to -9°C and summer days go up to the late 40's. The fireplace in the cottage worked very well to keep us comfortable after a lovely meal at the Blinman Hotel, enjoyed with red wine in front of the open fireplace.

The next morning we climbed the hill to the lookout at sunrise (bloody cold), saw many kangaroos.

In this panorama the village of Blinman is still in the shade of the lookout hill.
If you look to the village side you will see the tar road to the south (and Wilpena Pound) running off to the left. The road from Parachilna Gorge runs into this at the end of the village on the left. Our miners cottage can be seen at the junction of the two roads.

Later, I meandered around the village and captured some scenes.

Binman Derelict Cottage 2.jpgBinman Derelict Cottage.jpgBlinman cemetry 01.jpgBlinman cemetry 02.jpgBlinman cemetry 03.jpgBlinman Cottage - unrenovated.jpgBlinman Wreck.jpgFrost at dawn.jpg

Denny was showing withdrawal symptoms and had to get a dose of internet from the general dealer, which she enjoyed on the sunny verandah, after which we did the copper mine tour, an experience not to be missed.


Then we decide to explore more of the gorges. Glass Gorge joins up the road to Parachilna and was delightful. Here we had to kick our iron horse into 4WD low ratio locked diff to get up a steep hillock and look around.

Here are some photographs of Glass Gorge, including Denny splashing through a drift.


Then we headed back to Blinman via Brachina Gorge, another experience not to be missed.

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  1. joy May 30, 2013 at 21:29 #

    Hi…the house you stayed in was my Great Grandmother’s house. She raised 10 children in this house. We too have stayed there and found it very comfortable. Your photos are wonderful. 🙂

  2. David February 18, 2016 at 07:29 #

    Hi , Yesterday i saw a car sticker saying Blinman Hotel , i wondered where this place is , so i went looking as one does and found your information and pictures which i found so piecefull ,interesting and great pictures , so i would just like to say thanks for sharing you trip with others .I have been out that way ( Wilpena Pound ) but a long time ago and never gone that far North / North East .
    Thanks again and travel safe .
    David K …

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