Bunyeroo Gorge to Sacred Canyon

Bunyeroo Gorge is along a 30km dirt track which branches off the Brachina Gorge.
Road conditions are unknown, be prepared for anything!
Here we found two ducks swimming in a pond which was the designated road.
So as not to disturb them we decided to use the creek bed, which was tested and found to be much shallower, as a bypass. Many 4WD vehicles in this area use snorkels for breathing.

Ducks swimming in road

Scenes of the road and gorge

_GML5852.jpg_GML5858.jpg_GML5859.jpg_GML5860.jpg_GML5862.jpg_GML5868.jpg_GML5873.jpg_GML5875.jpg_GML5880.jpg_GML5883.jpg_GML5887.jpg_GML5890.jpg_GML5893.jpg_GML5901.jpgRazorback lookout - Bunyeroo Gorge track.jpg

And a large kangaroo with Joey


Then we headed for Sacred canyon, a site where the Adnyamathanha people carved symbols in the rock instead of painting them. The trunks of the wida trees which can be found in the creek bed are home to witiyati grubs. Adnyamathanha hunters extracted the grubs from their tunnels in the tree with a small hooked stick called a narnanarnanunwoodara.


And there were plenty of Mu's, Roo's and Gnu's on the road again


After visiting Sacred Canyon we went to Wilpena Pound.

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