To prove an argument about how obsolete Tilt-Shift lenses are I went out to a busy street corner and created this 180Mpx Tilt-Shift image using my oldest and poorest quality lens, a Canon 17-40mm f4 zoom lens. I tested my Canon TSE 17mm on the scene, the building was too close to straighten it properly. If I wanted it straight I would have to move backwards or go upwards 9above ground level), neither was possible.
I have better perspective control using the standard lens and PTGUI software. Whether I bend the rays of light from the building's extremities using expensive glass or with mathematics using cheap software makes no difference. Each ray of light enters my lens at the pupil point therefore neither the TSE or the software control the true perspective which is determined by the angle of the rays to the point of observation.
Zoom in and enjoy the fine resolution from this really old lens. Apologies for the ghosted traffic, it's a busy intersection.