Portfolio of Images

Let the good times roll

We are not alone

The Y2K Bug 2006 121cmWx81cmH

Hurtling Through Time and Space 2007 142cmWx71cmH

Circus Oz 2008 81cmWx142cmH

Office of the Director CircusOz 2009 71cmWx142cmH

CircusOz at Practice 2009 71cmWx142cmH

Reaching for the Sky 71cmWx142cmH

Hello_Goodbye 2007 71cmWx142cmH

Yarra Footbridge Night 2011 71cmWx142cmH

Federation_Bells2  71cmWx142cmH

Fed Square Night 2007 106cmWx71cmH

Storm Coming 2007 71cmWx142cmH

Behind The BSG Fitzroy 2010 142cmWx71cmH

Behind The BSG No2 2010 142cmWx71cmH

The Fitz 71x142cm

Churches and Cathedrals - refuges in changing times

Bamberg Cathedral 2011 71cmWx142cmH

Reichenschwand Church 1589 2011 71cmWx142cmH

St Francis Church 2011 71cmWx142cmH

Electric Trolleybus Depot 2009 71cmWx142cmH

Decay eats it's way into the fabric

Symbolic Room 2008 71cmWx142cmH

Hosier Lane No3 2009 71cmWx142cmH

Hosier Lane No2 2009 142cmWx71cmH

Hosier Lane No1 2007 71cmWx142cmH

Centre Place No2 2007 71cmWx142cmH

Centre Place No1 2007 71cmWx142cmH

The Ball Bearing 2010 102cmWx203cmH

Symbolic Room 2010 71cmWx142cmH

Power Hall No2 142x71cm

Upper Gallery 284x142cm

Beautiful Stairway No3 220x110cm

Beautiful Stairway no2 71x142cm


War of the Worlds 2009 71cmx71cm

On the Beach 2007 150cmWx100cmH

Dereliction and decay

Paynes Place 2009 71cmWx142cmH

Little ray of Sunshine 2010 71cmWx142cmH

Entropy No 1 2010 142cmWx71cmH

Entropy No 2 2010 142cmWx71cmH

The Last Sunset 2010 202cmWx90cmH

My Mother Told Me 2009 203cmWx81cmH


After People 2009 91cmWx137cmH