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We left Wilpena Pound early and headed to Mildura for a stopover to break the long journey.

South Australia takes less of a nanny state attitude towards driving. Speed limit is generally 110kph on the open road, with lots of passing lanes….and amusing reminders like this one, to drive carefully….

Dont drive like a “Knob”!
Other signs said:
“…Cock” – with a picture of a rooster
“…W Anchor” – picture with an anchor with the letter W on the left.
Work it out for yourself.

Scenes from Orrorroo, where we saw some colourful birds in a 500 year old gum tree next to a resting spot where we stopped for breakfast.

_GML6228.jpg_GML6197.jpg_GML6198.jpg_GML6203.jpg_GML6205.jpg_GML6229.jpg_GML6262.jpg_GML6264.jpgOroroo Tractor.jpg

The road to Orroroo travels through stunning scenery. Sheep farms and a large windfarm gracing the hills adjacent to a fertile valley.

South Australia Windfarm
SA produced 30% of it's energy from wind!

Sheep farm panorama

We arrived in Mildura at sunset, drove through the city to the edge of the Murray, saw a caravan park on the undeveloped NSW side with cabins on the waterside, scrapped our idea of sleeping in a motel, drove across to NSW and managed to get a lovely cabin by the waterside (only one available) for the evening.
The bird life was spectacular, shags, pelicans, kookaburras, ducks, you name it. Even a naughty little Indian Minah which was admiring itself and pecking at my car's rearview mirror.
What a lovely place to spend the last night of our holiday.


The next morning we were up before sunrise, to see a mist descend over the Murray river, which persisted most of the way home to Melbourne.


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