Interactive 3D Virtual Tours

Interactive 3D Virtual Tours combine seamlessly embedded video, sound, information hotspots and many other features to create an immersive and interactive user experience. The platform can be used for E-Learning, Training, Virtual 3D Showrooms, Teaching aid, Showcasing your business and many other applications. Information delivery is a natural visual experience and the interface can be kept very simple yet allow the viewer to progress through a multilayered interactive experience. The tour can be designed to run online or offline and information storage can be designed to be updated by the owner at any stage.

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Heritage at your Touch – Places, People, Objects, Stories

Heritage At Your Touch invites students into a unique 3D environment where they can meet real characters and explore the colonial history of Victoria from the 1840s to the late 1850s. This program is suitable for students studying the Australian History curriculum in Years 3 – 6. Heritage at your touch uses innovative technology to make real artefacts, documents and places available in the classroom.

3D Interactive Courtroom

Students can learn all the court roles and court processes using our interactive 3D Court Room with live video action.

La Trobe Melbourne


Panton Hill Winery

Panton Hill Winery

 Interactive Online Showroom (in development)