Larundel Mental Asylum

Here is the first panorama from Larundel Mental Asylum. Entered in the dark at 5:30am and explored the buildings waiting for daylight so that we could take photographs. There is debris from the roof and ceiling throughout the building. Definitely not safe to enter, tiles, beams, floors whatever could fall down and damage your expensive camera gear – haha!

You can find more infomation about the asylum on the web:
Darebin Libraries

The Paranormal Guide

The panoramas were brightened considerably, the interior of the building was very dark. Multiple bracket HDR panoramas were captured in order to see the whole scene. This is a view of the main building taken from the derelict building across the road. The panorama is from inside the main building, behind the windows that you can see on the second floor.

Laurundel Mental Asylum – view towards the main admin building

Here is another view from the top floor south side, overlooking other asylum buildings.

Watch this space….