Marree and Lake Eyre

After exploring the surrounds of Quorn we headed up beyond the black stump to Marree, where we stayed in an extension of the hotel – portable cabins- so that we could get a flight to Lake Eyre the next day. On the way up we stopped at Parachilna, a whistle stop between the road north and the railway to the coalfields of Leigh Creek. Apart from rusty vehicles and derelict buildings, the main claim to fame is the Prairie Hotel, where you can sit on the verandah every night and watch Australia's longest coal train make it's way from Leigh Creek to Port Augusta.

Marree lies below Lake Eyre, at the junction of the Oodnadatta and Birdsville tracks.
Marree was a great source of rusty vehicles, beautiful sunset and a derelict Ghan locomotive.


Marree House.jpgMarreeSUnsetPano.jpgMarreeWreck_01.jpgMarreeWreck_02.jpgMarreeWreck_03.jpg


Marree looks like the wild west. The extent of the town can be seen here. A single hotel, a white car left unoccupied and idling noisily in the main street. Our cabin is behind the car. Several times I caught myself crossing the street without looking for vehicles.


The next day we took a flight over Lake Eyre with our pilot Jane. Mobile phone reception


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