Out of the way – old and derelict

This is a non-chronological listing of some of the favourite objects and places that I have recently encountered.

This is by no means recommendation for you to enter these places, entry can be risky and result in fatal injuries and death.

Staying at home and becoming a couch potato is likely to be more assuredly fatal, both to the brain and body.

Maldon Dredge and Dragline close to the corner of Lewis Rd and Bendigo-Maldon Rd near Maldon VIC. HERE
Always worth a visit, the historic equipment is nicely decaying and is accessible.

1925 Rolls Royce is a fabulous motor vehicle undergoing restoration.

Spend a few hours looking around Larundel Mental Asylum and take in the ambiance. Try not to fall through a hole in the floor and look out for objects falling from the roof.

 Melbourne Gaol is highly recommended. It is Melbourne’s top tourist attraction and number 2 Jail tourist attraction in the world – after Alcatraz.

Alien Bar in Switzerland should be on everybody’s bucket list, it is so unusual (who wants “normal” anyway).

The Toilet Philosopher in this derelict workshop was a hoot, captured on a very cold and blustery morning.

Symbolic Room is a fantastic room inside a derelict textile warehouse which is soon to be developed into boring modern apartments. Visit it here virtually if you are too cautious to explore it yourself.

The Derelict South Fremantle Power Station is a landmark building. Click on the Size icon to play the tour full-screen.

Several other scenes in this power station are worth visiting The Ball Bearing , Beautiful Stairway No2 and No 3 , Power Hall No1 , and No2

Melbourne City has some beautiful night scenery, especially in the back alleys like Behind BSG Fitzroy and even the main tourist footbridge across the Yarra

Old Stuff is a motley collection of old stuff which I will continuously update.

Beyond the Black Stump is a travelogue compiled in the Outback and has scenes which city folk don’t often see (mind you, city folk don’t tend to go down dark alleyways or into derelict mental asylums either. Beware, boredom kills!

Warped Worlds opens up a menu of various other pictorial stuff also covering New Zealand.