Panoramic Perspectives

Exhibition Mar 2012 almanac advertThe_Ball_Bearing_102x203cmBeautiful Stairway no2 71x142cmUpper Gallery 284x142cmBeautiful Stairway No3 220x110cmPower_Hall_No1_71x142cmPower Hall No2 142x71cmThe Last Sunset 203x91cmBehind BSG Fitzroy No1 142x71cmBehind BSG Fitzroy No2 142x71cmYarraFootbridgeNight_71x142cmSymbolic Room_71x142cm

Images in order as displayed in the gallery from left to right in rows.

I am sorry if you missed the opening night on Friday 30th March 2012 .

The exhibition is now closed, but you can take a virtual tour of the gallery.

A detailed description of all the images as well as virtual tours of each image location can be found on the Full Gallery page.