Panoramic Perspectives Exhibition

Exhibition Mar 2012 almanac advertThe_Ball_Bearing_102x203cmBeautiful Stairway no2 71x142cmUpper Gallery 284x142cmBeautiful Stairway No3 220x110cmPower_Hall_No1_71x142cmPower Hall No2 142x71cmThe Last Sunset 203x91cmBehind BSG Fitzroy No1 142x71cmBehind BSG Fitzroy No2 142x71cmYarraFootbridgeNight_71x142cmSymbolic Room_71x142cm

Images in order as displayed in the gallery from left to right in rows.

I am sorry if you missed the opening night on Friday 30th March 2012 .

The exhibition is now closed, but you can take a virtual tour of the gallery.

I became especially interested in a holistic view of the surroundings and then transferring  that 3 dimensional scene onto  2 dimensional canvas (Beautiful Stairway – Yarra Footbridge Night). This only became technically feasible with the advent of high quality digital SLR cameras and high power computers.

To produce these large panoramic images of 100 Megapixels or more, I have to capture 50 to 100+ images of a scene, blend them together seamlessly, and map them using mathematical projections based on those first developed by ancient mapmakers, modified suitably for the nature of the scene and what I want to finally project.

In the scene Behind BSG I show a night time scene in the Victorian era  laneway just behind busy Brunswick street. Stepping back there at night is like going into a time warp.

In The Ball Bearing  I want to show the cradle in which a large electrical generator once rested, as well as the vast structure of the derelict power station surrounding it. The rust and decay of the sweeping roof beams overhead create a striking contrast with the large ball bearing on the ground.

These are some of my favourite places. A frisson of excitement and fear runs through me as I stand inside these crumbling building in the darkness of the morning at 4am, waiting for the sun to rise and illuminate the dark interior and reveal the beauty which lies in the decay of these magnificent edifices which once served us so well.

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