Parachilna and Road to Marree

After leaving Quorn we travelled on the back road to Hawker via Warren Gorge, Simmonston Ruins, Death Rock, Kanyaka Station and Yourambulla Caves.

Parachilna has a population which can be counted on one hand, but has hosted several movie stars and been the setting for some movies. The main attractions are the “Feral Food Platter”, great beer, and the highlight of the day can be enjoyed by sitting on the verandah and watching Australia's longest coal train go by from the Leigh Creek coalfields south towards Port Augusta.

Here are some scenes from the road going north to Marree

1 Road North.jpg2 Roadside Resting Place.jpg3 Ruins.jpg4 Prarie hotel Parachilna.jpg5 Northern Flinders ranges.jpg5 Parachilna Home.jpg6 Parachilna Wreck.jpg7 Straight and Flat.jpg8 Track to Marree.jpg

And on the way back from Marree to Parachilna again, where we quenched our thirst at the Prarie Hotel before entering the Parachilna Gorge to reach our accommodation in Blinman.

1 Prairie Hotel.jpg2 Around the Hotel.jpg3 Outback accommodation.jpg4 Road south.jpg

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