Plaisir De Merle Small

This is the first build of the walking tour which my brother Irvine and I captured of the family farm which our paternal ancestor Charles Marais and family settled in 1692 after arriving on a French Hugenot ship from north of Paris, France

Gate to Winery To House using a map and satellite view


Instructions – Plairi De Merle Virtual Tour

If you are not familiar with panoramic tours, these instructions may help.

Open the page at

(Feel free to look around my web pages afterwards)


Some of the controls are shown here.

To start with, I suggest that you stop the rotation.

Use your mouse wheel or the map controls to zoom out of the map to make it smaller.

Click on the marked nodes on the map and walk from gate to stable.

You can also enter the winemaking by clicking on the map or floorplan.


I have not yet inserted backlinks, use the map or floorplan for navigation. Go into the cellar and see whether you can find Irvine.

More to come….



Wine tasting