State Library Of Victoria

Panorama of Dome Room

This is a high resolution 360x180degree panorama captured from the centre console in the magnificent dome room of the State Library of Victoria, Swanston st, Melbourne.

Zoom in to “normalise” the view. Use your mouse or the control bar to scroll around.
Use the rhs control bar icon to view the panorama full screen.
Please zoom right in to identify people in a number of positions, at the reading desks and looking over the balconies from levels 4 to 6.
Scroll up to view the dome, scroll down to see the centre console.

Zoom right in and read the text above the book shelves surrounding the dome room.

Now, let's take a walk around the library. View Larger Map

Mouse over the image, click on the arrow pointing ahead.
Wow! We have flown down from level 6 to the centre of the dome room.
Use your mouse to drag the image and look around the dome or use the round controller top lhs.
Click on the left arrow to see a night view.
Go back to the centre and click on the forward arrow to walk ahead and exit the room.
Use the elevator buttons on the LHS to go to other levels and walk around.

Use the control top RHS to view the panorama full screen.