Symbolic Room

In 2008 Penthouse Mouse held a fashion exhibition in a derelict textile warehouse in Stanley St Melbourne.

I came across this room with an art installation which was created by Cam Drake and friends in his artists collective.

Cam gave me permission to utilize his artwork in my own rendition of the room.

Cam called it “Data Landscape”, I called it “Symbolic Room”

SymbolicRoom 2008

I revisited the room two years later to record the decay

Symbolic Room 2010

Here you can also see a virtual tour of the room in 2008 and 2010.
Use the SIZE Icon (lower RHS) to show the tour full-screen.
Use your mouse to scroll from side to side, look up at the ceiling, look down at the floor.
You are standing in my footsteps in a frozen moment of time.

The warehouse recently suffered a fire but the room is still standing.
Watch this space….