Top Tourist Attractions in Victoria

Polly Woodside

Step aboard this famous Melbourne Landmark

The Old Melbourne Gaol

The notorious Melbourne Gaol where Ned Kelly was hanged. If you click on the right arrow you will be standing on the trapdoor of the gallows. Above you is the original beam, the rope hangs in front of you.

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Rippon Lea House and Garden

Located only 20 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, you will find the last of Australia’s grand suburban estates – with a pleasure garden of sweeping lawns, magnificent trees, a tranquil lake, unique fernery, and an orchard with over one hundred varieties of heritage apples and pears. National Heritage listed, a visit to this treasure takes you on a journey back in time and offers a unique glimpse into the lifestyles of the wealthiest Australians of the era.

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Take a walk through the beautiful gardens to the tranquil lake

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Barwon Park Mansion

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This mansion is so large that it is easy to get lost, therefore I have split it into several sections:
1. Driveway and exterior entrance up to first landing.
2. Entrance Hall up to first stairway landing. All rooms in Front of house.
3. From 1st landing to upstairs, Front of house.
4. Upstairs, Servants corridors and back of house. See the bathroom with shower. It was thought that a shower would be too much of a shock for ladies…all that flowing water!
5. Downstairs, servants corridors and cellar, back of house.
6. Exterior and stables.

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Bendigo Tramways

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