Wilpena Pound

The next morning we reluctantly left Blinman and headed south to Wilpena Pound via Bunyeroo Gorge, with a detour to Scared canyon. Neither should be missed.

We booked a room at the Wilpena Pound Resort and set off on the 7.8km tramp up to Wangara Lookout, where we met three girls from Sydney Town:
(apologies to “Banjo” Paterson….It was the man from Ironbark who struck the Sydney town…)
Three girls came down from Sydney Town
To join the protest at Roxby Down
Drove their car across the dusty plain
To stop the miners, cause some pain
We produce CO2, we make a stand
To keep the radiation in the sand
We saw them on the hilltop, Wilpena Pound
Eyes a-sparkling, they stood their ground
Those three girls from Sydney Town

The track up to the lookout and back was very scenic and on our return we were greeted by an Emu, and Kangaroos feasting on the lawn outside the restaurant where we later had an enjoyable meal.

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